Monday, April 13, 2015

Este Semana

Well this week was good. After I had my appointment with the doctor on Tuesday we started to work again.. well on Wednesday, haha Tuesday I was drugged. The bad thing was, they didn't give me enough meds in the beginning so I remember and it hurt super bad... welll then they gave me more and I  don't remember the rest of the 2 hrs.

Well we have been working hard and our friend Pedro came to church yesterday and it's amazing to see him change and to grow closer to the people!! We had an interesting experience on Saturday in the morning. We went to a house that we have been trying to pass and get in and talk to the people. Finally, a guy came out that we never knew and he let us in. We got to know him and he is a very cool guy. We started to share with him and he told us that they studied a little with the Jehovas witnesses and man he didn't know to much but then his wife came out and sat down.. when she sat down it was so fast when she started throwing out all these questions and man she had fighten face. But she was not only asking us to fight but to learn, we found out that her questions were just the beginning... her true desire was to know what we thought about families... that was cool. But after talking to them and getting to know them they asked that we have lunch with them one day and that we come back!! Man I am so excited to see what happens with this familia. 
I know that god leads and guides us if we let him. We have to continue to be humble enough to have this so that we can find this path that is in his plan for us. 

I love you all!! Take care!! 

Elder smith

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