Monday, April 20, 2015

Elder Oaks Visit

This week was good. We had a wonderful visit from Elder Oaks of the 12. He killed it when he talked to us and man it was great to see an amazing gringo that speaks English... He has such an amazing spirit to him!!! In our conference we got to shake his hand and I was privileged to be the first one!! That was awesome!!

He talked a lot about everything but something that I liked was that he talked about how someone can't progress in doing or learning if they don't take the first steps. This has helped me because he said if someone is not praying right and doesn't know how to pray they will never get an answer. It made me think a lot about how sometimes we don't help people with their prayers and because they don't think it's a big problem to pray how they want, they just pray.

He also shared in Alma 7 where talks about how Christ will suffer for all our pains and problems not just our sins. This hit me because I have been having some problems with health... and man it made me think why am I complaining! Well that was the end of my complaints.
We started a new change today and me and my companion are still together in the same place. We get to go to the temple the 7th of May. That will be the day that I complete one year. I am super stoked about that!!! It's been good to learn from this last change and I know that we will be seeing more blessings in this next change... if that is what God wants. 

I love you all!!

Con mucho amor Elder Smith!!

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