Monday, May 11, 2015

One year and Mothers Day!

This week was such a good week. We went to the temple and just being in there was amazing I didn't have any desire to leave but I thought my president would come in and tell me to leave.  I felt something I had never felt before, it was so amazing!! I just felt so close to God. After leaving the temple it was like I felt just a little of what it feels like to leave Gods side when we come to earth. I had that lump in my throat walking to the metro to go back to my sector and I just want to cry because I had left the temple and I wanted to stay. But then I also realized that so many people walk by but they never will know what's inside and what they could feel if they just made these covenants with God. It gave me this strong feeling to just work even harder so that these people can have what I have.

We have been working with this family called the Zenteno and we passed by their house twice this week and they accepted us.  Our lessons have been super spiritual. On Saturday we talked about repentance and the steps of how we repent. It was good and they were all paying attention. After we were getting ready to leave to go to our house to have "once" or dinner because we have to and they invited us to take it with them so we stayed another hour and we ate and drank mate with them. The mom opened up to us and talked about how her mom had pased away and how her life could have gone so many ways and that she had always wanted a family that's eternal. I felt the spirit so strong and I  had so much to say but didn't say it.... Now I feel bad but I've made it my goal to just say what I feel when I feel it so I don't have regrets. 
Well yesterday was Mothers Day and I was able to talk to so many family members but it was so good to see my mom. Mom you are amazing and I am so thankful for all that you do for me... I know the mission would be 100 times harder if I didn't have you!! I love you so very much!! 
I hope you all wished your mom a happy Mothers Day and that we all realize the blessings we have in our lives like our moms and well the rest of our family. Because the family is eternal and so important. I love you all and wish the best for you all. 

Con mucho amor Elder SMITH


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