Monday, May 25, 2015

Amazing Week

This week was good we have worked hard with the family Zenteno and they came to church! It was amazing to teach them and help them this week and it feels like they are opening up to us. They told us that they are a little afraid to turn their back on the Catholic church but we helped them to understand the feelings of the spirit and how they have been feeling lately. They are noticing the differences. It's amazing to me how we can randomly talk to someone and then they let us in to their house and we teach and get to know them and in a couple of weeks they can be our friends and they can be doing things that they never thought possible.

We all have our own part to do in this work and something important is talking to everyone and sharing the blessings of the gospel that we have in our lives. I know that if we strive to share with others that don't have the gospel in their lives they will open up and start to find the path that God has for them.

I love you all!!!
Elder Smith


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