Monday, June 1, 2015

It's been a great week! Staying in the same area!

Well this week was good. We didn't have too many lessons but we had some strong ones. We have been finding a lot of new people and families and me and my companion really have felt like we are going to see some success this change. So this will be our third change together and man I didn't think that was going to happen.. it's a bit of a bummer but it's all good I know that God knows best and he wants me here with my companion.

So The family Zenteno came to church again and it was super good.  They were very attentive to the speakers... me being one of them soo that's why.. haha jk.  They are changing so much and they really want to have this change and to start from zero. It's been a blessing for me to see them change and to share with them I know they are going to be baptized but I'm not sure when.

So we went to this ladys house the other day that we had contacted and she told us that she really didn't want us to pass by again. So we started talking more with her and we answered her doubts and all her questions she had then she let us in. Come to find out that it's her and her husband and their kid. It was amazing to see what happens when we pray in our heart and really try to help others and now they want us to pass by again and share with them. 
Today we got lucky and we went hiking!! It was amazing to be out on this hill and have a good time and to get away from the city. It made me feel free or well relaxed. haha yeah!
Stay in-tune with the spirit and do all you can to repent everyday. I talked about repentence in church on Sunday and it really hit me hard how we need to do it. We need to repent every day and always try to be better but when we talk to God in our prayers we need to talk to him and really talk to him about what happened and what we are going to do to change. 
I love you all and wish the best for you all. 

Take care. 

Con mucho amor, Elder Smith


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