Monday, June 22, 2015

This guy is seriously AMAZING!

This was another good week!  My companion was a little sick and we were in the house a little bit this week. We had interviews on Wednesday and man it was good to see and talk to President one on one. This guy is seriously amazing. I love talking to him! Really, I  have felt the strongest desires to be as obedient as I can because I know that God will bless me and my companion.  It's been amazing to see and feel the difference to find the things I needed and need to do better so I can be obedient and change them.

So we have still been helping the Zenteno family and sister and they will be getting baptized in this week or next week.
One of the stake brothers talked on obedience in our ward and it was a super amazing talk. I think that sometimes we forget that God really blesses us for being obedient. I know it seems hard sometimes but really all we have to do is do it and remember what we can and can't do and really that's when God blesses us.
He also talked about how Elder Holland talks about when we have to cross close to the Garden of Gethsemane and the hill of Calvary in our journey. I really like how he talks about how it's not easy and it shouldn't be easy to follow these things but that really this is how we grow.
It touches my heart so much to see how much we can grow through trials and when we push through them. It's been so rough sometimes here in the mission and I have seen big changes in me after I could get through something.

 I think one of the reasons the people go inactive is because the members' aren't doing their part. But I have felt that, if we as men can be better in doing our part and completing our promises with God we will work better in our families and man it will all be better.
I know that if we do what we need to and trust that God will help and bless us he really will. I know that if we are humble enough to let God mold us he will help us become who he wants and who we really are. 

I love you all!! 

Elder Smith

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