Monday, June 15, 2015

Time Flies!

So this week was good. It went by super fast and I also had two interchanges again so it was a little weird and I didn't get to work with my companion as much and that was a bummer because we have got things down.

So, we have 5 people that have dates for baptism and one that could be baptized this week but I'm not sure if she is ready but we will see from what happens this week.
We have some really good people that we are working with and they are reading a lot of the book of Mormon so that was amazing and the family Zenteno stopped smoking last Monday and well they have 8 days free from the death smoke. They are so amazing and really I have grown to love them so much.
        The mission has been super hard but i am someone that i never thought I could be I have seen people change and actually come to know God and to see all this and be a part of it makes me happy and I feel the love of God when I do his will. It hurts to see members here that think they can just go to church and call it good. I think I might have bugged them a little bit last week because in elders quorum the president asked who would be willing to do their visits or to go out and visit that day and none of them raised their hands. I felt a little inclined to say something and what I said felt good but none of them showed up. 

This week I have thought about the 10 lepers. I was thinking about how us... we are lepers and Christ is healing us and has healed us through his atonement. But there is a difference between the people that say thanks and the people that will just walk away and be happy because they were healed. Part of the healing process and saying thanks is doing the lords work or doing our part or the work of salvation. Us as members can be the one that gives thanks and goes to Christ and shows him our love and thanks for healing us or we can be prideful and not do anything.. be healed and then just get sick again or fall back into sin.

All of us have a part to do and it is our calling to fulfill it.  I have been thinking a lot about that and really what I can do better because I know that we always have space to become better.

I love you all!!

Elder Smith


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