Monday, December 14, 2015

Faith brings blessings!

Well this week was good we had interviews with the President it was good he always seems to ask me weird questions and I have no idea why. He’s an awesome dude.

So we are trying to work even harder and find more people. Our investigator told us that she doesn’t want to go to church and well that was a hard thing for us because our sector is working us hard.

So I had to talk to the wife of the President and she told me that they couldn’t help me too much with my back. She told me that I need to keep doing what they told me and that I need to stick it out the rest of my mission which I just have to do it.

 So I have been thinking a lot about the faith.

I think that we all lack faith some times. Something that Elder Cook shared with our President was that, "if the missionaries had more faith, they would have more success." I agree so much with that. Now in the mission you could say that things haven’t been going so well and that the whole mission needs a bust. Personally, I think that if we set ourselves in strengthening our faith and doing things to show our faith we will grow and we will have more success. I think a lot about how the Lord says that if we are faithful and continue to have faith he will bless us and will help us out of hard times. There are so many times that we choose not to do things and that shows that we don’t have faith. Recently I heard a missionary say,  “with this new rule we won’t be able to have lessons at all, I have faith but I know that it won’t happen." If we continue to always look and see things from a human point of view we will never grow in faith because we will say the same thing this missionary said.
 I know that God lives and I know that Christ is his son and that he lived and died! I know that only through him Gods plan is possible and that we can have never ending happiness. Be faithful! Trust God! Try it and love it!

 Con mucho Amor,

 Elder Smith

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