Monday, January 18, 2016

The work is progressing!


Last week was super good! We have been finding more and more people every day and the work is progressing. We taught one of our investigators named Jorge more about trusting God. He really wants to go to church and really he believes everything and loves what we teach him but his poor little wife is so sick and he doesn’t want to leave her alone or bring her with him. We testified that if he did what God wanted everything would be okay and he would be blessing. So at the end of that lesson he said, "I’ll think about it".  Then we asked if we could call him to help him wake up and go. He said, "don’t bug me too much”.  So, we ended with that, said a prayer and hoped for the best. Personally, I didn’t think he would come... or I guess it was more of forgetting because I thought he was bugged with us. 

Then on Sunday he walked in.... and this guy lives pretty far from the church. He walked and he walks with a cane. HE put his trust in the lord hoping that everything will work out fine. I love seeing this in people, when they do things that aren’t easy especially because we don’t know how God will bless us but just know that he will bless us and help us!

Also, another one of Gods children decided to get baptized and make a promise with him yesterday! It was so amazing seeing this little boy grow and understand. Even though it takes little by little for him to grow to understand he has changed and I truly love him and am so grateful that I am able to help him and his family. 

I love you all!

Con Mucho Amor 
Elder Smith

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