Thursday, January 7, 2016

Can we decide to live the gospel more fully?

Well this week was good. I think that I have learned a lot about something.  The gospel doesn’t change and neither does the spirit. Well a lot of people have talked to me and said “Well sometimes we have to spend money on Sunday and so we have to do it,” or other things like that. Someone else said that the Sabbath is personal and that we all live it differently. My opinion on that is that is true. It is personal... but we all have to follow the spirit to know how we can sanctify the Sabbath Day. I think that if we all follow the spirit we will all be doing about the something because the gospel doesn’t change depending on your family or who you are. The gospel is here to help us and we need to follow it to show love to God and Christ for everything that they have done for us. 

Well, I have thought a lot about the talk from President Uctdorf this last conference.  Last week someone invited me to read it again. Really the gospel is so simple and we don’t need to look for something big to show us the way or an answer to a prayer like Joseph Smith’s. We need to focus on our heart and how we feel. No bad thing is from God.  All good comes from God, therefore we need to follow the good that comes to us. 

I know that this is true and that this is the true church and that Jesus Christ is guiding it and us through President Monson. I love this gospel and am so grateful for the change that it has brought me. I pray that we all can decide to live the gospel more fully so that we can become like Christ. 

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Smith

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